Friday, June 12, 2009

The Future of Gloucester's Fishing Industry, Part III - Harbor Planning

The post scheduled for this week"The Future of Gloucester's Fishing Industry, Part III - Harbor Planning" will appear next Friday, June 19.

Today I am running a series of photos from my book, "An Island No More", regarding yesterday's waterfront activities and highlights of the past. (Father's Day, June 21, is an excellent time to purchase a copy of this book at the local bookstores, gift shops, Border's, and

Portuguese Blessing of the Fleet Procession to the State Fish Pier, 1946 (DaCruz photo)

United Fisheries, F/V Grand Marshall to be converted to dragging, '41 circa Larry Colby Photo (This vessel became Capt. Frank Rose's F/V Spring Chicken)

Melanson's Boat Yard 1950. F/V Margie L. under construction at head of Gloucester harbor, directly across from the new Rockport National Bank branch on Parker Street. (Larry Colby photo)

Gorton's Cold Storage, corner of Scott Street and East Main Street (presently self-service gas station located across from Rose's oil wharf, formerly United Fisheries Wharf, in 1940s)

Ben Pine's Atlantic Supply Wharf before urban renewal 1940s.

(Presently location of Capt. Carlo's wharf, restaurant and seafood display auction property)
At left of the photo is the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.

Harbor Cove Italian Seiners, Larry Colby Photo, circa 1949 (In background Gloucester Coal and Lumber Company unloading coal crane, Building Center property)

In Memoriam - Butch Clemeno Welding at the Gloucester Marine Railways, 1973


  1. Hi, Ron. This is Adolph Clemeno's son, John. It was a pleasure to meet you the other day at my father's memorial visitation. Adolph talked proudly of his role in your book and enjoyed recounting his tales of boat building and repair during the years. Thanks for posting this on your blog.

  2. hi my name is joel clemeno from the philippines. I didnt know that we have relatives in your place. m email: